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Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients:

Lynsey Buehler | Micah Dawson | Hannah Hulchanski | Ivy Kidd | Bailey Riemer | Marisa Supers


Youth Cart Series Membership

Purpose: The Youth Cart Series Program has been created with the intent and purpose of offering a scholarship program to graduating youth in the draft horse industry whom participate in the series.   Awarding the scholarship is not based on the highest points in the series, but participation is one of the qualifications.

Membership: There is no fee to participate in the Youth Cart Series, however, members must still register online each year for their points to be tracked.  Membership will not be associated with a Hitch or Farm Name and Membership number, but will be under the Youth's Individual name and number.

Youth Cart Classes Offered:  Any Youth Cart Class that is held at a Show Registered with the NASHHCS Organization can be a Classic Youth Cart Class.  The youth rules and age requirements will follow the shows existing rules and regulations.  Members do not have to be Classic Youth Cart Members to show in the Youth Cart Class, however membership is free and encouraged.

End of Year Awards: The Youth Cart Series will not have a finals event, but instead will award year end awards. A scholarship program will be awarded as part of the series and participation in the Youth Cart Series will be one of the requirements to apply.  The series will follow the same competition season as the Classic Series- ending Labor Day weekend 2022.

Organization: This program is just getting started and a committee has been formed in which is a sub-committee of the NASHHCS Classic Series Board.  The committee is nominated by the membership and appointed by the NASHHCS Board of Directors with a minimum of 1 of 5 committee members being a current NASHHCS Board Director, and a total of 5 members on the committee.  Terms and term limits will be the same as the NASHHCS Board - 3 year terms, limit of 2 terms.

Youth Cart Series Requirements

The Classic Cart Series will operate under the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series By-Laws.

Rules for participants:

  1. Participants must be a member of the Classic Youth Cart Series by joining on the website.
  2. All youth 18 years of age or under as of January 1st of the point season are eligible to compete in the Youth Cart Series. Any youth that has previously competed in the Youth Cart Series will be eligible to apply for a Scholarship.
  3. Membership is free, however you must register each year for points to be tracked and membership lists to remain current.
  4. Youth will sign up for a membership under their own name and do not need to be associated with a farm or hitch.
  5. All Youth Cart Class rules will follow the rules of the qualifying show in which the member is participating in.  However the class must be a draft breed class allowing Shires, Clydesdales, Percherons and Belgians.

Rules for qualifying shows:

  1. Must pay the flat fee show registration dues to the Classic Series, which covers being a host show.  For the 2021-2022 season, the dues are $150.00 per show.  This one fee covers hosting a Six-Horse Hitch, Classic Cart and Youth Cart classes.
  2. Does not have to offer a Six-Horse hitch class or a Classic Cart Series Class to offer a Youth Cart Series class.
  3. Youth Cart Members will follow the existing rules and age groups set forth by the show to participate in the classes for points.  However the class must be a draft breed class including Clydesdales, Shires, Belgians or Percherons.
  4. Shows must register with the Classic Series and list the Youth Cart Classes on their Registration.
  5. Must accept all entries from Classic Youth Cart Series members, and place the Classic Youth Cart Series Class top to bottom - assigning placing and points to each entry.
  6. Submit results in a timely manner.

Scholarship Program:

  1. Scholarships will be awarded by the Committee and will be good for a standard College or University, or a trade school of choice.  Current or past participation in the Classic Youth Cart Series will be held in high regard to qualify for the scholarship.
  2. Full Application - click below.
  3. To donate to the Youth Scholarship Program please contact the committee or NASHHCS Board of Directors.
  4. Scholarship Applications for 2022 are due postmarked by June 15, 2022.  Decisions will be made by board by July 15, 2022.