Harness the Power!

The Classic Series Hall of Fame honors past and present members whose contributions have impacted the organization. These individuals dedicated their time and effort to benefit the organization.

Class of 2023 Inductee:

Fred Rovenolt | Rovenolt Stables

Al “Fred” Rovenolt along with this wife Donna raised and showed Percheron horses including a hitch of six black geldings for 25 years.

With their six they competed at two Percheron world congresses and in one Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series World Finals.

A few of their results in the showring with the six was winning over-all breeds championship at the Michigan State Fair two consecutive years, overall breed champion six at the Big “E” and reserve Champion the following year.

In 1999 the exhibitors and organizers of the six-horse hitch show in Ocala, Florida. For a great many years which at the time was known as the Live Oak Invitational, passed the word our that they wanted a new group to take over the championship competition for six horse Hitches.

Six Horse exhibitors across NORTH AMERICA submitted Names to Vote for and form a board of Directors and form an organization to continue this six-horse competition.

An election was held by those six-horse exhibitors and resulted in Jim Westbrook, Shannon Cobbs, Steve Lewis, Fred Rovenolt along with the late Dick Bartlett (who stayed on the board from the previous group for one year for a period of transition) forming the board. Fred served a total of 8 years on the board both as Secretary and President through 3 different elections to get a rotation of the elections.

Fred was chosen to chair and form a by-law committee to govern this organization. In September 2000 at the BIG “E” site of the First World Championship, these By-Laws and the official name was voted on and approved by the membership present.

Fred is very much dedicated to the draft horse industry and six-horse hitches. He still does judging and has ring-mastered the Great New York State Fair and the Grandview Invitational in Ocala.

Fred was hired to Judge the first big money six-horse hitch class at the BIG “E” of $30,000.

To those of you younger exhibitors and members those first 7 years of the classic series was very stressful making it continue including finding host shows and getting members to join. BUT, look what it has become, it was well worth it. No more $125 prize money.

If anyone would like to learn more about the early days of getting the Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series in motion he would be glad to share with you.