Harness the Power!

Current Committees:

  • Nomination Committee – Mark Hochstetler, Doyle Dingman
  • By-Laws Committee – Carl Ade, Tim Myers
  • Marketing/Sponsorship Committee – Doyle Dingman, Mark Hochstetler, Carl Ade, Colleen Coleman
  • Membership Committee –  Tim Myers, Mark Hochstetler, Colleen Coleman
  • Show Committee – Mark Hochstetler, Colleen Coleman
  • Classic Series Cart Committee – Carl Ade, Doyle Dingman
  • Merchandise Committee – Chair, Carl Ade; Members – Jackie Meyers, Logan Rinehold
  • Hall of Fame Committee – Mark Hochstetler, Doyle Dingman
  • Youth Committee – Youth Secretary, Cassie Shaw, Chair, Tim Myers; Members – Tracie Brockhoff, Chris Cottrell, Victoria McCullough, Scott Seymour
  • Classic Halter Series – Chair, Mark Hochstetler; Members – Ryan Burger, Robert Detweiler, Ross Honsberger, Duane Miller, Herman Miller, Glenn Lewis