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Classic Cart Series


Classic Cart Series Membership

Classic Cart Membership – 1 year: $50 Allows for entry in classic cart series classes and membership in the Classic Cart Series.

Classic Cart Show Pass – $25 One time fee to allow entry and to show in ONE show per year for the Classic Cart Series. **Must be paid directly to show, or by contacting Classic Series Executive Secretary  info@naclassicseries.com

Classic Cart Series Requirements

The Classic Cart Series will operate under the North American Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series By-Laws.

Rules for participants:

  1. Must have a membership number for the Classic Cart Series to enter class, this is a separate membership from Six-Horse Hitch Series. Each cart in the class must have it’s own membership (you cannot have multiple carts under one membership).
  2. Must submit a valid membership number to participating show with entries.
  3. Any horse/driver from said member is eligible to compete.
  4. One entry is allowed per member per qualifying class per finals.

Rules for qualifying shows:

  1. Must pay show registration dues to be a Classic Cart Series class host. For the 2023-2024 season, the dues are $200.00
  2. Does not have to offer a Six-Horse hitch class to offer a Classic Cart Series class.
  3. Must offer an open class to all heavy draft breeds (no light drafts) and gender of horse and open to any driver. Some shows will not be able to meet this requirement such as a breed specific show.
  4. Pay a guaranteed minimum of $1,000.00 total payout for the class.
  5. Must accept all entries from Classic Cart Series members, and place the Cart Series Class top to bottom – assigning placing and points to each entry.
  6. Proof of paid membership by the exhibitor must be made to the qualifying show in order for the exhibitor to participate in the class.
  7. Submit results within 24 hours.

Rules regarding Classic Cart Series Regional Finals in 2023-2024 Season:

  1. Top 10 finalists in each region will be invited to participate in Classic Cart Series REGIONAL Finals.
  2. Regional Finals will be hosted by a Board selected venue which may not always coincide with the NASHHCS Finals. One finals per region will take place with the top 10 competitors from that region qualifying.
  3. The Classic Cart Series Regional Finals will be a one class / one judge championship. It will be judged by a judge approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. The Classic Cart Series Regional Finals is to pay a guaranteed minimum of $2,500.00.
  5. Regions will follow the map shown below.

2023-2024 Regional Finals Hosts:

  • Eastern Region:  Eastern States Exposition | Springfield, MA
  • Central Region:  Missouri State Fair | Sedalia, MO
  • Western Region:  Western States Classic | St. George, UT
Regions For Classic Cart

Classic Cart Series FAQ's