Harness the Power!

Nomination Criteria

Any past or present member (living or deceased)  of the North American Six Horse Hitch Classic Series that a current member believes has made significant contributions to the organization. Considerations when nominating an individual should include:

  1. Leadership (board member, active participant)
  2. Development and advancement of the organization
  3. Strength in character (i.e., integrity, sportsmanship, reputation)
  4. Totality of the contributions to the organization as a winning owner, driver, assistant, and competitor


Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

  1. Nominations for the Hall of Fame are to be received by either a Hall of Fame committee member or the Board of Directors by April 15th of each year.
  2. Nominations will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame committee. All nominees meeting the nomination criteria will be sent out to the membership for the voting process.
  3. The Hall of Fame committee will select an individual to write a biography for each nominee if not included with the nomination.
  4. Each member will be allowed to vote for as many individuals as they feel are deserving of Hall of Fame status.
  5. The nominee(s) receiving two thirds of the returning votes shall be inducted into the current year Classic Series Hall of Fame. If more than one nominee receives a two thirds vote, multiple nominees will be inducted. If no nominee(s) receive two thirds of the returning votes, the highest vote earner may be selected to the Hall of Fame, subject to the Hall of Fame Committee approval. 
  6. All nominees not receiving two thirds vote will stay on the ballot for five years before being removed. Once the individual is removed for a year he/she can be nominated again.
  7. Nominees selected will be asked to attend the Classic Series Finals banquet to be recognized. The selected nominee(s) will also be featured on the Classic Series website and social media.