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Hall of Fame

The Classic Series Hall of Fame honors past and present members whose contributions have impacted the organization. These individuals dedicated their time and effort to benefit the organization.

Class of 2022 Inductees:

Bob Funk | Express Ranches

It is an honor and certainly a privilege to nominate Bob Funk to be inducted into the Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series Hall of Fame.

When I think of a Hall of Fame for any organization I think of a person who has gone “above and beyond” to enhance and grow the organization involved. Bob Funk certainly fulfills all of the qualities included in any individual receiving such an induction. Over the years I have been fortune enough to get acquainted with Bob to the point I consider him to be a great friend. It was easy to recognize from the very first meeting Bob is a very compassionate person who leaves no leaf unturned in accomplishing his goals.

It is also easy to recognize Bob includes everyone around him when navigating the path to success. While working on short term goals Bob is certainly thinking of long term strategies to enhance and better the entire industry. Not only has Bob incorporated a “touch of class” to the Finals, he has certainly added excitement and prestige to every Six-Horse Hitch event in North America. And, all the time he has focused on the Six-Horse Hitch Series he has never forgotten the Youth of the draft horse industry. Bob not only injects ideas, he has consistently invested financially to insure the building blocks of this and other livestock industries are always challenged to be better citizens of any arena in life they choose to participate.

Larry Honsberger | Lake Shore Percherons

Larry has been involved with the Classic Series since its inception. He has competed in the finals many times over the years and has helped to change the organization through his service on the Classic Series Board of Directors. He served six years as the Secretary of the Classic Series Board, and after a mandatory term limit, he was re-elected again and served as the Vice President until his passing in 2021.

Having shown a hitch all over the United States and Canada for over 35 years, he understands what it takes to make things happen. Larry has been a mentor to many of the fine, young drivers in the business today and has given many an opportunity to be successful and to become professional drivers.

After the Honsberger Family stopped exhibiting a six-horse hitch, he remained involved in the industry. Besides selling horse mineral, he judged horse shows and ring mastered many State Fairs. He has even organized and run a few Classic Series Draft Horse Shows and encouraged many other shows to get involved over the years. His experience has been a big plus to Classic Series.

Larry was very proud of what the Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series has become, but he never believed that improving the organization is finished. Since the days of his showing for $100 to win the six, the Classic Series shows now have purses of at least $2,500.00 and that will continue to increase. The Shows and Finals have become spectacular with television coverage and an added biweekly podcast this year.

Larry has more than done his part to make Six-Horse Hitch Classic Series the great organization that it is today.

Nomination Criteria

Any past or present member (living or deceased)  of the North American Six Horse Hitch Classic Series that a current member believes has made significant contributions to the organization. Considerations when nominating an individual should include:

  1. Leadership (board member, active participant)
  2. Development and advancement of the organization
  3. Strength in character (i.e., integrity, sportsmanship, reputation)
  4. Totality of the contributions to the organization as a winning owner, driver, assistant, and competitor

Hall of Fame Selection Procedure

  1. Nominations for the Hall of Fame are to be received by either a Hall of Fame committee member or the Board of Directors by April 15th of each year.
  2. Nominations will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame committee. All nominees meeting the nomination criteria will be sent out to the membership for the voting process.
  3. The Hall of Fame committee will select an individual to write a biography for each nominee if not included with the nomination.
  4. Each member will be allowed to vote for as many individuals as they feel are deserving of Hall of Fame status.
  5. The nominee(s) receiving two thirds of the returning votes shall be inducted into the current year Classic Series Hall of Fame. If more than one nominee receives a two thirds vote, multiple nominees will be inducted.
  6. All nominees not receiving two thirds vote will stay on the ballot for five years before being removed. Once the individual is removed for a year he/she can be nominated again.
  7. Nominees selected will be asked to attend the Classic Series Finals banquet to be recognized. The selected nominee(s) will also be featured on the Classic Series website and social media.